Straw Church's Open House

St. James Lutheran “Straw” Church

Rt. 22 & Rt. 519, near Phillipsburg N.J.


Due to the increased interest in the history of our church and the recent trend toward genealogy research, “The Old Straw Church” would like to invite you to tour our church and see our historic items and records. An open house will take place the second Sunday of each month from 1:00 to 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Tour of our historic church building in continuous use since it was built in 1834 (20-30 minutes) with history of our Lutheran heritage dating to the early 1700’s.

See our new Historical Cabinet full of relics and pictures from the past.

Family History. Hear an amazing Stamets family story from the mid 1800’s with offspring names: Bassett, Beers, Bigelow, Cackener, Cocks, Conklin, Dunlap, Dunn, Eichlin, Frey, Giles, Hamlen, Hawk, Hockenberry, Holden, Howard, Koch, Louder, McCarney, Melroy, Morris, Myers, Pickel, Price, Riley, Snyder, Stout, Thatcher, Wilson, Wyant, Zanotti, Ziegenfuss, Zimmerman.

Genealogy Research. Review our record books dating back to 1769, before the birth of our country. We are in the process of digitizing and organizing our records for easy and accurate genealogy research.

Original hand written marriage reports of Pastor David S. Hafer from 1910 to 1951 and Pastor Walter E. Wrede from 1962 to 1980. They contain more in depth detail and information than normal marriage record sources.

Coffee, tea, Wi-Fi, tour guides and research assistance available.


We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event - the second Sunday of east Month!  If you have additional questions, contact us!

Contact Info


St. James Lutheran Church
1213 US Highway 22
Phillipsburg, NJ  08865

P: 908-454-2864

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